We, at Abracadabra Implants Website and Clinical Case Planner value your privacy, and therefore have set up this Privacy Policy.

Who Are We?

Abracadabra Implants Website and Clinical Case Planner operates the service to which this privacy policy was written for. In order to provide you with the service, we retain data about you, as detailed in this Privacy Policy. Data will only be transferred to others in accordance to this policy.

Are You Required To Provide Us With This Information?

Any time a person is asked to provide personal data, a notice of whether it is required to provide it, or is his consent required is noted. in this case, we are a private entity and you are not required by law to provide us with any information however without your consent to provide us with this information we cannot provide you with our services.

What Personal Data Do We Retain? Personal Data is data that applies to you; it could be personally identifiable, or just information that may later be cross-referenced to identify you. We retain the following data:  your full name, your email addresses, your IP address, your phone number, additional personal data submitted through the service. We may also retain additional data in cases you specifically provide it to us, such as when contacting us, or where it is required to provide you with the services.

What Non-Personal Data Do We Retain? Non Personal Data might not specifically be considered as Personal Data, but alongside other pieces of data it may allow others to deduct information. For example, the list of pages you viewed on a website does not identify you, but may teach which sports team do you like. Therefore, it is important to note that we collect the following non-personal data: your use of the service such as visited pages, technical information such as your browser version and operating system, statistical non-personally identifiable data.

How Do We Collect Data? The question of how data is collected is important as in some cases data may be collected from various sources. It may include both information that you voluntarily disclose and information collected from outside sources. In our service, we collect the data you provide us using the service

How Do We Use The Collected Data? Even if very little data is collected, but it is widely used, it may affect you. In our service, we use personal data to provide the services, we use personal data for advertising both in the service and outside it, we used personal data for direct marketing.

Who Has Access To Your Data? The fewer people have access, the more secure your data may be. We provide access to our employees who are under confidentiality obligations, our service providers required to provide the service, law enforcement authorities if they provide us with legal requests; where they are under strict confidentiality obligations and shall not abuse your data.

Do Third Parties Have Access? Third Parties are entities that act on our behalf and have access to some of your data. In our case, Google Analytics has access to data for providing us with insights about the usage of our website, and MailChimp is used to send our users with notifications. In addition, we use your email address for targeted advertising on Facebook.

How Can We Contact You? People feel very uncomfortable to provide their personal data when they do not know when and where they will be contacted. A service that respects you will not spam you; in our case, We can send you mobile notifications send you text messages and advertisements call you and update you on products and services related to your use of the services, you can always opt-out.

How Do We Disclose Security Incidents? Today, and according to the Israeli Law, not all databases have to divulge information about their security incidents, and it is a shame. If an organization respects your privacy it will disclose information about security incidents even if it is not required. In our case, we report data breaches only to the legal authority in charge and act in accordance to its orders. Users will not be provided with data breach notification unless required by law authorities.

Who Is Our Data Protection Officer? We take privacy as a serious issue, therefore we have a dedicated data protection officer who you may contact. The officer’s name is Vladislav Dvoyris. You may contact the officer at info@abcimp.com.

When we receive notifications of cases where personal data was breached, our privacy officer will examine complaints and report back.

Are Cookies Used During The Scope of Our Service?

A cookie is a small file that may be used to identify you. Having a cookies does not mean that you are being tracked, but it may be used later on to track you. Yes. Cookies are used in the service by ourselves and solely when you use our website.

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