Plug & Play by ABraCadabra

Plug & Play is a revolutionary restorative concept bringing individual abutments to perfect passivity, retention, and function – all in a simple clinical workflow.

core innovation

Uniquely Designed to Perfection

By combining an individually-designed transgingival collar with groundbreaking supragingival retentive elements, we achieve optimal distribution of occlusal forces-no matter the number of implants, their positions, or angles; as well as passive support and marginal integrity on all implants.

Most importantly, retention of the restorative element is achieved without cement or screws.

our credo

expert-level results.
by any dentist.
any time.

a single clinical workflow

Simple, Repeatable, and Predictable

The Plug&Play revolutionary concept allows any dentist to reach expert-level restorative results in a few simple, repeatable steps. This is the true greatness of Plug&Play­it’s simple, repeatable, and predictable.

Plug&Play brings True Telescopic Retention-the Holy Grail of dentistry-to every clinic, making it easily acces­sible for every dentist.

Plug & Play – a unique individual-yet-standard restorative system.

Plug & Play is a complete workflow, combining the biomechanical advantages of telescopic restorations with innovative digital processing.