about abracadabra

Founded in 2016, ABraCadabra develops innovative and proprietary restorative systems for dental implants, based on novel biomechanical principles and design concepts, precise clinical planning and standardized procedures.

our mission

Revolutionize Dental Implant Prosthetics

An overwhelming number of dentists finds that existing implant-supported restoration systems are troublesome and frustrating.

ABraCadabra decided to introduce unique restorative solutions, designed to resolve persisting functional and biomechanical drawbacks related with today’s implant-prosthetic concepts and restorative systems.

why should you use abracadabra

Our Key Advantages

  • Peace of mind — when you buy an ABraCadabra product, you get a long-lasting, predictable solution to your restorative problem.
  • Time is money — in dentistry, chair time and the number of appointments needed to complete a treatment plan directly affect your revenue. There’s no need to compromise to save chair time, as clinical compromises bear a much higher cost!
  • ABraCadabra saves your chair time and reduces the number of appointments without compromises
  • Simplicity — The current concept of restoring over implants offers prefabricated products that aim to target a specific clinical situation. Catalogs with hundreds of pages offer thousands of products and new elements are added all the time. It is not simple at all… 
  • At ABraCadabra, we resolve drawbacks that thousands of prosthodontic elements can not, with a single Telescopic Restorative System. Now this is simple!

unique solutions for a complicated market

Abracadabra's revolutionary solutions are protected by 8 international patents.

not just a magic spell

The True Meaning of "Abracadabra"

In Hebrew and Aramaic, the meaning of Abracadabra (אברא כדברא) is “I shall create as I say”.

In ancient times, the word Abracadabra was a powerful commitment of a man (or god) to his words; and it was used as a powerful cryptogram or a strong spell with mystical powers.

ABraCadabra identifies with this strong ancient interpretation. We will always fulfill our commitments to the patients and the dental community, in a professional and straightforward approach.