Clinical Cases

The cases below were restored with prototypes of the Abracadabra Telescopic Restorative System. A new series of Plug&Play cases is coming soon.

A mandibular overdenture on 2 implants

A healthy 50-y/o patient arrived at the clinic with a removable mandibular denture retained on two custom locator abutments. The patient’s complaint included lack of retention and inability to properly function with the denture. 

In a single appointment, the locator abutments were replaced with ABraCadabra Inverse Telescopic Abutments, and restored with a removable denture to the patient’s satisfaction. 

A mandibular overdenture on 4 implants

A healthy 60-y/o patient arrived at the clinic with a removable maxillary denture, and several remaining teeth at the mandible, which were periodontally hopeless. The patient requested an implant-retained removable solution at his lower jaw. 

The remaining teeth were extracted and 4 implants were placed at the mandible. The implants were temporized by a 45-35 PMMA bridge. Finally, the patient arrived at the ABraCadabra Clinical Center to receive the permanent restoration. 

The restorative solution of choice is an acrylic overdenture with a Vitallium mesh, retained by 4 ChairSide2 telescopic abutments by ABraCadabra. This solution was chosen due to the high retentive ability of these abutments, and our wish to enable the patient to function normally and enjoy all kinds of food, even with a removable denture, while maintaining optimal hygiene. 

A 5-unit bridge on 3 implants

A healthy 50-y/o patient presented with posterior edentulism and very limited intermaxillary space (less than 4 mm), requested to restore the missing teeth with a fixed bridge on implants. Tooth 33 was extracted due to hopeless periodontal prognosis, and 3 implants were placed at sites 33, 36, 37. The implant at 33 was placed in a 25 degree angle towards the buccal, to achieve optimal bone support. 

As a result, it was impossible to achieve a single path of insertion for the restoration. A cemented bridge was not an option due to the limited interocclusal space, while a screw-retained option failed due to the need to cut the abutments at screw level, and yet there was still no space left for the restoration. 

The restoration of choice here was a cemented PFM bridge retained by ABraCadabra ChairSide1 abutments, enabling a single, definitive path of insertion. The completely parallel walls of the abutments provide excellent retention even in a very limited height.