dental implant restorations. disrupted
dental implant restorations. disrupted

Invincible, Predictable, and Simple

Our revolutionary clinical solutions allow any dentist to provide expert-level implant-supported restorations, in a single, easy digital workflow yielding excellent and long-lasting results in every case.

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our restorative solution

Perfect Retention and Stability

Restore any number of implants, in any position and angle, and get the same excellent results time and time again.

A Myriad of Possibilities in a Single Workflow

Telescopic Plug&Play Abutments for Crowns, Bridges, and Overdentures

Telescopic Precision Snap-On Attachments for Overdentures

Telescopic Magnetic Abutments for Overdentures

Our restorative solutions fit most implant platforms

A revolutionary digital approach

Plug & Play Implantology

AI-enhanced digital planning meets perfect biomechanics, providing excellent and predictable restorative results to every one of your patients. Any dentist of any level of experience can reach expert-level results with the assistance of our Plug & Play system.

Simple and Predictable workflow

Scan • Upload • Approve

You send the scans – we provide the planning. Once approved, the planned case will be manufactured and shipped to you in a single, easy kit ready to be placed in the patient’s mouth. 


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