Nowadays Systems

What is Wrong

Existing Restoration Systems are governed paradigmatically by the
concept of providing Prefabricated Prepositioned Elements to address
the various clinical situations. 
Thousands of parts are already offered by manufacturers, new elements are out on the market every day, and still major functional and biomechanical drawbacks such as the position of the abutments,passivity, retention, integrity of host tissues and implant assembly, remain unsolved.
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ChairSide1™ System

This is The solution

Less is more. With one proprietary system, Abracadabra provides the solution to all functional and biomechanical drawbacks.

ChairSide1™ system, allows clinicians to place the abutments in any angle and direction, in parallel alignment, adjust individually the transgingival collars, provides for passive support, cementless and screwless telescopic retention and much more.